Welcome to our family at Kids Science Labs. You can use our KSL member website to try a free trial class, purchase a membership, see your class and camp reservations, look at upcoming events such as day-off and holiday camps, update your member profile, make payments, and more.  This page is here to help you navigate how to register for our weekly classes. 

How do our classes work?
Our classes operate every year from September to May for kids ages 24 months to 12 years old.  Classes are 75 minutes in length for kids in preK and older, and 60 minutes for our scientists ages 24-42 months.  You simply reserve a weekly class time that best fits your schedule, and each week kids investigate new questions and practice their problem solving skills.   

Taking a Free Trial
Kids are curious and our teachers are passionate about engaging them with the best hands-on science, creativity, and problem solving program in the world for kids as young as 2. As a result, the first member experience at KSL is always free, such that you have a chance to see our beautiful learning centers, talk with our teachers, and explore the benefits of joining Kids Science Labs. 

To register for a free trial, just click the "Try a Free Class" link in the left navigation bar. Next, you will need to choose a time for your child's class. Simply select from the available class times, but please note that each class has a time, age range, and location, which are all listed within the class title. If you do not see a time that works, please call our help desk at 206-402-5310 and mention which center you are looking to take a trial class and which day is best. Generally our free trials time are weekdays at 9am, 10:30am, 1pm, and 4pm and weekends at 9am,10:30am, 1pm, and 2:30pm. Finally, once you have selected the desired class time, click the "Register For My Class" button and complete the required registration form. 

48 hours prior to your free trial class, you will receive a reminder email about your reservation. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early on the day of your trial to meet your child's teacher and experience the center. 

Purchase a New KSL Membership
Thousands of kids and their families have come to love KSL and we are excited that you are looking to purchase a membership.  In addition to providing access to KSL, the best weekly hands-on science program in the world for kids 2-12yrs, it also qualifies you for exclusive member benefits including priority registration, exclusive members-only events, and discounts. Our memberships are easy and designed to fit your life.

To purchase a membership to take classes regularly at Kids Science Labs, just click the "Sign-Up" link in the left navigation bar. You may view membership details on our website here (https://kidssciencelabs.com/classes-20172018/). Once you have purchased a membership, there is one more step, which is to make a reservation for a class. Each learning center has up to 40 classes offered per week for kids. To make a reservation, just can call us at 206-402-5310 or just click the schedule labeled "Calendar" in the left navigation bar, find the desired class time, and select "register" for that class.